Administrative Companies

  • General Use

Rashy liquid air freshener with long lasting perfumes floral and fruits for use as air freshener and carpet and bed sheets deodorizer , leaves a pleasant smell .

CPS Protectant High Gloss & Sunscreen Formulation
unique silicon polymer formula penetrates surfaces to shine and protect Furniture , leather , rubber , plastic and Corian.
It helps protect surfaces from fading and cracking by reducing ultraviolet light while Bringing out color , restoring color and shine .

Soapy Suitable for children's hands & sensitive skin .
Mild & gentle , but with a thorough cleaning action .
Ideal for use in soap dispensers . Concentrated liquid , economical in use

Porpan is a high active liquid detergent for washing crockery , glassware & kitchen utensils by hand . Contain a special grease removal ingredients & foam boosters to cut through grease & heavy soiling . Safe on all surfaces . Mild on hands . High foam.
BC 80 is a high Concentrated Sanitizer , kills bacteria , ideal in kitchens & Food industry , should be Diluted 1:50
Extra Porpan is a high concentrated liquid detergent for washing crockery , glassware & kitchen utensils by hand . Contain a special grease removal ingredients & foam boosters to cut through grease & heavy soiling . Safe on all surfaces . Mild on hands . High foam.
Antibctan is a superior , highly perfumed general purpose floral disinfectant .Effective against a range of bacteria . safe to use on types of hard surfaces , floors , walls , paintwork , sinks & lavatories . contains a pleasant perfume .
cleans , disinfect & deodorize in one operation . economical in use .
  • Floor & Carpet Care

Activity is a low foam cleaner , When used in conjunction with a floor machine will clean completely in one pass of the machine & leave the floor with a pleasing finish . Safe to use on a variety of surfaces
Removes heavy soilage . Will clean in one pass of the machine .

Maky is a powerful high foam carpet shampoo for professional cleaning of colorfast carpets & upholstery . for use with carpet cleaning machines . ensure soil is emulsified & the carpet is left fresh & clean . Leave fabrics clean , residue free & fresh, in one operation .

  • Specialized products

Bady ensures better cleaning action . kill germs to leave , washroom clean & safe .Highly perfumed to freshen the washroom . for regular use causing no harm for
the environment .

Glassy is a specialized liquid to clean and shine Glass & Mirrors .Will quickly remove stains and leave sparkling finish suitable for cleaning a variety of surfaces .

Capry is a metals brightener for polishing copper , brass , bronze , zinc , stainless steel .

Chromy  is a liquid metals brightener for polishing, Chrome and stainless steel .

  • Laundry products

Foamy Plus is a high performance blend of fully biodegradable anionic and nonionic surfactants combined,
with an optimized mix of laundry alkalis , soil suspending agents and optical brighteners . it's intended for use on medium to heavy soiling classifications at high temperature,
and is eminently suitable for hospitals , commercial and linen hire work . it's safe and effective on fast colored and white polyesters , cottons , linens and synthetic blends and may be used in both hard and soft water conditions . it produces excellent results on heavily soiled or greasy polyester classifications when used in combination with our detergent emulsifier ( Quick Remover ) or ( Extra Quick Remover ) .

Quick Remover is a concentrated liquid removes all grease & Fat stains from white or colored cloth .
also removes spots from all type of fabrics .

Chlorine Bleach is a stable release powder . Easy to handle , soluble product ideal for use in automatic feeding ,
equipment . provide excellent performance on heavily stained hospital linen and is highly effective in removing stubborn stains from catering establishment white work . May be used with all cotton , linen and polyester, classification but is NOT recommended for wool , silk . Chlorine Bleach is suitable for white work classification but NOT coloureds

Color Bleach is a specially formulated stain removal combination containing oxygen release bleach ,
organic sequestrant and stabilizers . Specifically intended for use on colored polyester and cotton,
classifications .


Soft Gently softens , reconditions & provide a clean spring outdoor freshness to all washable fabrics . it will reduce, static cling in synthetic material & leave cotton less creased and easier to iron . Makes clothes pleasant to wear & bed linen & towels soft to use . contains long lasting perfume .

Sour is a free flowing, white crystal . safe to use on all fabrics . It also helps eliminate fabric discoloration,
arising from Iron in the water supply , which may cause greying of the fabric , especially on towels. Sour also has the ability to neutralize high level of residual alkalinity .