We are the" Floating chemicals Co. one of a kind chemicals factory

specializing in a plurality of products in various sectors. We are the leaders

in the manufacturing of chemicals detergent in Egypt.

One of our foremost rules is that we continuously care about our environment, so we don't use environmentally harmful chemicals; also we prefer to depend only on organic components in our formulations and reactions, that is because it is always one of our main targets to produce environmentally friendly and highly biodegradable end products, with excellent efficiency in a highly concentrated forms .

Our experience since 1992 in the Egyptian markets, we design and manufacture our end   chemicals in our factories & laboratories in the Obour City CAIRO / EGYPT. -

We manufacture more than 45 different chemical end products, divided into 3 main sectors discussed in our home page. We are supplying with our different sectors & products most of the strategic clients in the Egyptian market. Some of our main clients are:

           HOTEL, RESORTS, Restaurants & HOSPITALS.

           Petroleum companies and oil field

           Food, metal& pharmaceutical industries

           TRADING Company's

Our factory is located in the Obour City, this new industrial city was built in 1981, and it is very near to Cairo. The travel time and the destination between the  

Obour City and the main ports city are:

         58minutes away from Alexandria city (255km from the Mediterranean Sea).

         15minutes away from Cairo city (50 km from Cairo and national Air Port).

         88 minutes away from Ismailia city (108 km from the middle of the Suez Canal).

         130 minutes away from Suez gulf (171 km from the Red Sea and the south of Suez Canal).

         140 minutes away from Port said city (180 km from the north of Suez Canal).

We are officially authorized by the Egyptian government to manufacture different chemical products, and are certified or member of the following authorities:

         Ministry of industries.

         Chamber of trading and industries.

         Chamber of chemical industries.

free samples from any of our products, or for our free services, please do not hesitate to , we will be proud to respond to your requirements.